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Bringing You The Best of Jamaican, Caribbean, & African-American Cultures.


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Fiwi Productions Signs Deal

With Caribbean One TV

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A Reason For Living ( Soft Cover )


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A Reason For Living ( Hard Cover )


A Reason For Living ( E-Book )



Fiwi Productions was established as an entertainment company in 1973, in Harlem, New York by Jamaican-American entrepreneurs headed by Julian “Jingles” Reynolds, a seasoned journalist, writer, documentary filmmaker, concert promoter, and marketer. The company today, is based in the Bronx, New York, owned and controlled by the Reynolds Family, with several projects on its roster; books, documentary films, feature films, and music festivals.

A Reason For Living, a first novel written mostly between 1966 to 1968, by then teenage Jamaican writer, Julian Jingles, captures this unique period in Jamaica. It delves into love, sex, a passion for music and sports, and the roles of the Rastafari, and the American Black Power and Civil Rights movements impacting Jamaica. The writer established a career, spanning over five decades, as a journalist, documentary filmmaker, and entrepreneur, in Jamaica and America. It tells the story of a physically beautiful country, Jamaica, of warm, humorous, crafty, people with the urge to succeed, revolting against inequality, injustice, prejudice, and discrimination.


“Jammin’ in Jamaica with The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari” is the only documentary film to tell the story and show the performances of one of the most unique group of cultural drummers and musicians, from Kingston, Jamaica. With rare and never-been- seen before footage.

( 60 mns. )


See a community using its gift of music to help itself. See and hear the musicians and the music that inspired Don Drummond, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and other great entertainers.

"IT ALL STARTED WITH THE DRUMS" is believed to be the only documentary film to tell the story of the culture and the music of the Caribbean. From calypso to merengue, reggae, soca, and zouk. Featuring the greats of Caribbean music: Lord Kitchener, Mighty Sparrow, Shadow, Calypso Rose, Sister Carol, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Skatalites. 

( 60mns. )

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